SteriPEN Ultralight UV Water Purifier

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The SteriPEN is a very handy piece of kit for travelling light. Very simple in its construction the device renders bacteria, viruses and protozoa harmless by disturbing their DNA and is very easy to use; simply fill your water bottle, submerge the lamp and stir to create safe and clean portable drinking water. It has a USB-rechargeable battery, so you can fully charge from your computer, wall charger, solar panel or car and lasts around 20L per charge. The UV lamp will last approximately 8000 1L treatments with a 1L treatment taking around 90 seconds.  

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A pocket-sized water purifier for any adventure. Toss the SteriPEN® Ultralight UV in your carry-on, backpack or emergency kit so you'll always be able to make clean water. The USB-rechargeable battery is easy to top up from your computer, a wall charger, a solar panel or a car. No buttons, no moving parts – just fill your water bottle from a creek, rain barrel or tap, then submerge the lamp and stir to create clean, potable water.

  • Immerse the lamp and stir. Shortwave ultraviolet light disrupts the DNA of bacteria, viruses and protozoa, rendering them harmless.
  • LED indicates purification status and when battery is low.
  • Treatment of 1L takes approximately 90 seconds.
  • UV lamp supplies about 8000 1L treatments.
  • USB-rechargeable battery treats about 20L per charge.
  • Note: UV devices are intended for treating clear water. They have been shown to reduce microbial contamination in mildly turbid water. If you are treating highly turbid water, follow all package instruction carefully and consider pre-filtering the water.
Ideal for
  • Travel
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Backpacking
Shortwave UV light
Output .67L/min
Dimensions 13 x 4cm
Batteries Rechargeable battery pack (non-removable)
Made in China
More Information
RangeAutumn Winter 19
Recommended Retail Price£75.00
Effective Against BacteriaYes
Effective Against ParticulateNo
Effective Against ProtozoaYes
Effective Against VirusesYes
Packed Size13 x 4cm
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