Source 1.5L Widepac Low Profile WLP Hydration Bladder

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This simply brilliant piece of kit will become one of your best friends and will fit in virtually all hydration compatible packs. The new Low Profile design keeps the hydration bladder slim and stable so no matter how full it is it wont sag or slosh around inside your pack. The "donut" cut out in the middle of the bladder also stops it from ballooning when full and therefore reatins all the space inside your pack.

As with all Source hydration systems this one is easy to fill, clean, and dry thanks to it's massive wide opening. The leak proof sliding closure keeps the water in during use and the lockable Helix bite valve provides fast flowing hydration and can be locked off to stop unexpected leaks. The hose can be completely removed from the bladder, even when it's full, which makes refilling simple as you don't have to unthread the hose from your pack. The bladder features technologies to keep it performing like new time after time.

  • Unique slim design for stability and space optimisation
  • Taste-Free System - Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic taste. BPA and Phthalate
  • Grunge-Guard Technology - Inhibits bacteria growth in the reservoir and drinking tube for the life of the system. Fully FDA and EPA registered anti-microbial agent.
  • Glass-Like Film Technology - Multi layer Polyethylene film with Source's Glass-Like technology which prevents bio-film build up to make the whole system self cleaning. This Glass-Like film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU products, with pretty much no difference from glass itself
  • Easy Care and Low Maintenance - The combination of Glass-Like and Grunge-Guard technologies make cleaning easy. Simply refill and use without the need for special care. Water will remain fresh for many days.
  • SQC - Sopurce Quick Connect makes removing the hose simple
  • Helix Valve - Fast flowing and lockable with removable Dirt Shield dust and mud cover.

Capacity: 1.5 litres

Dimensions: 23.5 x 41cm

Weight: 190g

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