Care for your Meindl Boots & Shoes

The life of a boot or shoe also depends on it's care. Care instructions are given in the booklet attached or on the shoe box. The instructions are specific to the individual models and the respective symbols, I to IV, are embossed in the shoe next to the size. Proper shoe care is a prerequisite for the validity of the Meindl warranty.

Meindl Care Products from Bramwell International Ltd on Vimeo.


Use a mild soapy water to clean the shoes or boots and rinse with clean water.  Remember to clean the inside of your footwear.  This is especially important for waterproof footwear with a gore-tex liner.  Over time, dirt can become engrained in the GTX liner which will reduce the breathability of the footwear.



Allow clean footwear to dry naturally. Do not place next to heat sources such as fires or radiators as this can cause the leather to crack. To aid drying you can stuff the boots with towels to help draw out excess water. Do not stuff with newspapers as the ink from the print can come off and dirty the inside of the boots.



Finally protect and nourish with the recommended Meindl Care product:


For Smooth Leather Footwear

Use Meindl Sportwax each time you clean your boots, and Meindl Wetproof every third time for deeper penetration into the leather to help maintain the water resistance of the leather. Applying Meindl Wet Proof when the boots are still slightly damp allows the solution to penetrate more easily into the leather. Apply Sportwax when dry.

Warning: If your boots are Nubuck leather, Sportwax will change the finish of the boots. Use Meindl Conditioner & Proofer instead to help maintain the Nubuck leather finish.


For Nubuck and Oiled Leather Footwear

To help maintain the finish of the Nubuck leather, use Meindl Conditioner & Proofer. Apply after cleaning and when the leather is still slightly damp to aid penetration into the leather.

If maintaining the matt finish of your boots isn't important to you, treat in the same way as smooth leather with Meindl Sportwax and Meindl Wet Proof for the best possible protection.


IMPORTANT: Sportwax will alter the finish of your boots. If you have nubuck leather, your boots will not look the same after applying sportwax. To maintain the finish, use Conditioner and Proofer.


Fabric and Suede Boots

Use Meindl Conditioner & Proofer to maintain water resistance and condition suede panels.


Shoes and Magic Range

Use Meindl Conditioner & Proofer to maintain water resistance and condition suede panels.

Use warm soapy water on all Meindl footwear to keep them clean, inside and out. Cleaning your footwear will enhance their performance and life.