Meindl Boot Classifications


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Since 1976 Meindl has categorised it's collection according to use. In this way we differentiate according to various requirements. This system is practically standard within the industry today.


The perfect shoe for light walkers looking for a firm yet fashionable walking shoe for everyday life and leisure.

  • Leisure time
  • Daily use
  • Travel
  • Walking
  • Good paths
  • Parks and daily walks

Meindl's introductory boot designed for hiking and trekking in the alpine-meadows, low mountains and on prepared trails.

  • Easy hikes on low level ground
  • Low level hills
  • Marked paths

Meindl's classic walking boot for extensive walking and moderate trekking.

  • Demanding hikes in the low level
  • Easy trekking trips in the major mountain ranges of the world
  • Marked mountain paths

Meindl's trekking boot for ambitious trekking, easy and moderate alpine use and fixed-rope routes.

  • Demanding trekking
  • Extended hikes in the high mountain
  • Poor mountain paths
  • Scree
  • Fixed rope routes

The high-mountain boot with stability for trekking on rock, rock-faces,scree and glaciers. (Suitable for crampons)

  • Demanding trekking
  • Extended hikes in the high mountain
  • Glaciers
  • Unmarked routes
  • Scree
  • Climbing routes


The ultimate high-mountain boot, absolutely reliable for extreme use in rugged terrain. (Suitable for crampons)

  • Fully crampon compatible boots
  • Trackless areas
  • Glaciers and extreme ice
  • Ice climbing