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Wild Country is a world famous, independent company, owned and managed by climbers that makes high quality rock climbing equipment at it's base in the heart of one the UK’s most famous rock climbing areas the Llanberis Pass in Wales.

As businessmen, people ask us if it wouldn’t be more economic and more sensible to base our factory in a big city, with access to a bigger labour pool and better transport? But as climbers we answer "Sure, but that wouldn’t get us to one of twenty local cliffs in five minutes after work like it does now!"

Within this dichotomy lies the essence of Wild Country and why the company has been one of the most successful and innovative at making quality and distinctive products that work – Wild Country people always have been and always will be climbers, who can utilise their vast experience of all types of climbing to make it so.

The ethos at Wild Country has always been to utilise the experience of the people ‘on board’ to design and build products that we know are of the highest quality and highly relevant to the climbers of the day. There is a stringent ideal that Wild Country is not and never should be ‘ me too’ company which imitates or borrows from others but should at all times strive to innovate and contribute to the sum of climbers knowledge of how and why things work and use this knowledge to produce products which add to the climbers armoury.

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