The best stories are those that tell of a great passion. As the history of VAUDE. It begins with the enthusiasm of Albrecht von Dewitz for mountain sports. In the thin mountain air of the Alps, it matures in 1974, a daring idea - he makes his hobby into a profession and founded the company VAUDE naming it after his initials, v. D. (pronounced [fau'de]). VAUDE stands for respect in all its interaction with others and the nature around us. They have set their sights on becoming Europe’s most environmentally friendly outdoor brand, so that sportsmen and women of today, and those to come can enjoy nature to the fullest. Vaude are pioneers in this way, challenging convention and pushing the limits of the possible. VAUDE’s roots are in mountain sports. The passion they experience on the ascent and the peace they find at the top are what drive them. Without the mountains, VAUDE wouldn’t be what it is today. It is the foundation, the brand symbol, and it stands for the high expectations they place on themselves as a company and on the products.
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