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In 1984 Nick Brown, the founder and owner of Nikwax, was Disillusioned with conventional outdoor clothing. Nick set about observing the way in which mammals and birds stay dry and comfortable. Looking at their fur and feathers, he soon realised nature's wise ways, whereby water is pumped away faster than it can be pushed in. He observed too, the manner in which trees draw water to great heights by 'wicking', helped by the evaporation of water from the leaves. And so Páramo was born.

Over the past three decades, Paramo has developed into one of the most well respected outdoor clothing brands in the world. All Páramo jackets and trousers use innovative fabrics engineered by Nikwax – designed to actively ‘Direct’ water (liquid water as well as water vapour) to where you need it to keep you comfortable. This goes from our reversible, next-to-the-skin base layers to the outer weatherproof protection of Nikwax Analogy.

As a result of Directionality, Páramo gear outperforms all other outdoor garments – better than ‘breathable’, more comfortable than ‘waterproofs’, as supple and silent as ‘soft shell’, and, unlike other systems, working just as effectively whatever the temperature or humidity.

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