Meindl Borneo Pro MFS Walking Boots

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Meindl Borneo Pro MFS Walking Boots


Meindl Borneo Pro MFS Walking Boots

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Manufacturers Product Number: 2867-15

This product is discontinued and no longer available for sale.


Product Description

Offering the highest possible Nubuck Leather construction hand made in Germany to create some of the world's best walking boots for comfort and versatility.

This leather upper is combined with a soft leather lining to help boost comfort and offer protection from the elements as well as an Air-Active footbed to absorb impacts to maximise the level of comfort.

As well as this amazing interior design the Meindl Borneo Pro MFS Walking Boots - 2011 also features a Vibram Multigriff sole designed to offer exceptional grip over any terrain.


  • Upper - Nubuck Leather (Oil)
  • Lining - Leather
  • Footbed - Air-Active
  • Sole - Meindl Multigriff By Vibram
  • Weight - 760g
  • Sizes - 5-12
  • Colour - Old Loden

IMPORTANT:  This is a leather lined boot, not Gore-Tex lined, and as such cannot be termed waterproof, although it is highly water resistant.  Many people feel leather lined boots offer a greater level of comfort and breathability over Gore Tex boots, but more care needs to be taken proofing and waxing the boot to ensure water resistance.  The Borneo is one of Meindl's best selling boots.

If you're looking for a Gore-Tex boot have a look at the Meindl Burma Pro boots.


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Great - 27 Jul 2012

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