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Snugpak are based in a listed mill built in the 1800's on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. We are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing not only in the UK but across Europe.

We have a dedicated workforce at our West Yorkshire factory in the North of England who are trained to use state of the art machinery and traditional sewing techniques to bring our ideas to life.

Snugpak Technologies

Helium Fabrics


Space-Age heat reflective fabric. Reflectatherm is a metalised fabric designed to reflect heat and retain warmth. A highly breathable material which adds little to the weight or packsize of the product and provides at least 15% additional warmth whilst being undetectable by touch in the sleeping bag or garment.
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TS1 which stands for Thermal suede is a lightweight polyester with a sueded finish which uses a combination of yarns with different thicknesses. Microfibre yarns go on the outside and Macrofibre go on the inside. The Macro fibre yarns are raised to produce a short pile, similar in feel to Suede. The construction exploits a basic physical property - that water will always move from a low to high surface area or from the Macro to Micro filament yarns, thus moving water from the body towards the outside of the bag.
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Ventile and it's secret lies in the uncoated and unlaminated construction. The fabrics are 100% cotton, utilising the finest, long staple fibres, only found in the top 2% of the world's crop. The performance of Ventile® fabrics results from the properties of cotton fibres which expand when they come into contact with water. The combination of fibres, yarns and weave causes expansion in a uniform manner. This allows the interstices within the fabric to close up, preventing the further passage of water.
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Travel Soft is the inner filling of the 'Travelpak' sleeping bags. Ultra lightweight high loft fine fibres are used which have excellent compressibility. By design these travel orientated fibres provide less bulk or fill that that of other Snugpak bags, yet are still able to perform very efficiently.
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Softie Insulation

Softie - the brand name for the synthetic (polyester) filling used in the Softie ranges of sleeping bags. It utilises superfine yarns bound with special resins to prodce a luxurious down like feel. It is created deom staple yarns which mirror the compositions of natural insulations. Softie insulation is very easy to care for, is washable and retains much of its thermal properties when wet.
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Paratex Dry

Paratex Dry is a 100% waterproof fabric with a hydrostatic head in excess of 5000mm (items with a hydro static head in excess of 1500mm are generally considered waterproof). Closely constructed fabric with a ripstop construction. Teamed with a Hydrophillic Polyurathane (PU) which transfers water vapour chemically    from the inside to the outside (due to the temperature differential between the inside of the product and out).

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